Nick Lucas
Golden Song Spotlight
Rare recordings from the 1930s and 1940s

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Golden Song Spotlight

Golden Song Spotlight
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MMCD-2606 (791022260625)

01. Strangers in the Dark

02. A Sailboat in the Moonlight

03. The Dream in My Heart

04. Little Old Fashioned Music Box

05. The Miller's Daughter Marianne

06. Tomorrow is Another Day

07. Gone with the Wind

08. When I Look at You

09. Vieni, Vieni

10. You Can't Stop Me from Dreaming 

11. In a Little Carolina Town

12. Please Pardon Us We're in Love

13. It Looks Like Rain

14. Picking the Guitar

15.Wasting My Love on You

16. You'll Never go to Heaven

17. Till the Clock Strikes Three

18. The Moon Got in My Eyes

19. My Cabin of Dreams

20. Everything I Love

21. Charley My Boy

22. Teasing the Frets


Nick Lucas - Guitar and Vocals

Produced by - Robert Perkins

Transfers and Mastering by Robert Perkins & Alton Elliott at Gold Hill Studio

Project Coordination- Alton Elliott

Photos courtesy of -
The Original Formula Music Collection

Art design & layout - Lily Owens


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