Nick Lucas
"The Crooning Troubadour"
Rare recordings from the 1930s

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'The Crooning Troubadour'
© 2002 Crystal Stream Audio


1. You're Driving Me Crazy

2. I Miss A Little Miss

3. You Didn't Have To Tell Me
(I Knew It All The Time)

4. When You Were The Blossom Of Buttercup Lane
(And I Was Your Little Boy Blue)

5. Walkin' My Baby Back Home

6. Running Between The Raindrops

7. When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain

8. An Evening In Caroline

9. All Of Me

10. Good Night Ladies

11. Picking The Guitar

12.Teasing The Frets

13. I'm Sure Of Everything But You

14. More Beautiful Than Ever

15. Love Thy Neighbor

16. A Thousand Good-Nights

17. Moon Glow

18. For All We Know

19. An Apple For The Teacher

20. A Man And His Dream

21. Go Fly A Kite

22. Good Morning

23. Over The Rainbow

24.The Man With The Mandolin


Nick Lucas - Guitar and Vocals

Nick Lucas and His Crooning Troubadours

Nick Lucas and His Troubadours

Victor Young Orchestra

Reg Lewis - Piano

Reg Robinson - Bass

Charlie Lees - Vibes

Charlie Fields - 2nd Guitar

Notes - Ian Dodds

Digital Transfer and Mastering -
Ian Dodds


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