Nick Lucas
First and Last Accents

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First and Last Accents
© 2007 Melody Man Records


1. Paper Roses

2. Bella Nonna

3. Kind and Considerate
(take one)

4. Kind and Considerate
(false start)

5. Kind and Considerate

6. Soldier's Guitar
(take one)

7. Soldier's Guitar

8. Not Guilty

9. Pasta Cheech

10. Can't We Talk It Over?

11. While We Danced at the
Mardi Gras

12. Hello Dolly

13. Tip Toe Thru The Tulips

14. It's Been a Good Life

15. Darling I Love You

16. Worryin'

17. Brown Eyes, Why Are You Blue?

18. I'm Blue For You

19. Our San Diego

20. Silver Sails

21. Tip Toe Thru The Tulips With Me

22. How Could You Have The Heart To Break My Heart?

23. Are You Lonesome Tonight?

24. The Magic Waltz


Nick Lucas - Guitar and Vocals

Notes - Michael R. Pitts

Remastered from original masters.. Contains eight previously unreleased tracks.

Produced by - Robert Perkins for
Melody Man Records

Executive Producer - Alton Elliott

Photos courtesy of -
The Original Formula Music Collection


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